What we do

We analyse, interpret and create ideas and strategies which are relevant to your business. Our aim is to provide solutions which help your business achieve its goals both online and off-line.

Does it add strategic and business Value?

Our Mission & Service Statement

To add significant long-term value to your organisation and its stakeholders through effective strategy and decision making.

Our work spans large application / community websites, eCommerce systems and intranets. We are able to tackle any project of any size. We have a large pool of specialists to meet every requirement. Our aim is to make sure the client minimises their risks before undertaking any large development.

It is important to get a global understanding of a project and all the areas which need to be looked at before development or deployment takes place. Too often development houses/developers overlook the fundamental business logic which is critical in making a success of any online business.


Our endeavour to assist our clients in achieving their key business objectives and initiatives extends our service into areas like: Strategy formulation, Deal Structuring, Project Management, Operations Management, Receivables Management.


We are able to provide informed and relavent information based on research and business experiences. Our team has a great understanding of system architecture, back-end and front-end development, UX and UI interfaces. We are also able to offer our clients in-depth understanding and insights into local and international business.

Areas of Expertise

Architecture strategy and design, eCommerce, Database design, Online business strategy, Online solution research, UX / UI development & research.

Our approach

This goal can only be achieved with a thorough understanding of your business, its processes and the supporting technology. WorldWideMedia provides all of its services with a business centric approach which dictates that the best solution for the business online. Clients also need to nuture and develop their business and we can provide the tools and systems to achieve this.

Our approach requires that the online strategy must be adjusted and aligned to the marketing and business logic and not the conventional manner of the business adjusting to the technology. This includes an evaluation of the existing strategies and processes in place. Combining this information with our expertise and experience we provide value adding advisory services.

We ensuring that your business will achieve significant long term value and long-term sustainability and at all times maintain alignment with your business focus. With a thorough understanding and wealth of experience in both the business and online side of an organisation we pride ourselves on being able to fluently translate between the two to ensure deliverables which add business value, operational efficiency and ensuring strategic alignment with each other.

Architecture strategy and design

Database design

Online solution research


Online business strategy

UX / UI development & research

About us

Everyone in our team has a wealth of knowledge in specific areas, combining these into one team has helped companies gain more insight into their projects and their business.

Matthew Philogene
Matthew PhilogeneFounder & Project Manager

We analyse, interpret, create ideas and strategies which are relevant to your business. Our aim is to provide solutions which help your business achieve its goals both online and off-line

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