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Our Client Portfolio

A quick overview of some of our work.

We have consulted with several companies, assisting with system research, backend architecture, database design, business solutions marketing, search engine optimisation, UX, UI, layout and corporate identity, additional to design...

A selection of our work

Chalets1066, UK

Technologies: Joomla, Planyo Booking Engine, HTML5, CSS.

EMMA-Awards, Europe

Technologies: Joomla, HTML5, CSS.


Technologies: Joomla, HTML5, CSS.

Phil Kenyon Putting, UK

Technologies: Joomla, HTML5, CSS.

Corono Virus Dashboard, Germany
Technologies: Bootstrap Admin Dashboard, MYSQL Database.

Aspire Institute, Australia
Technologies: WordPress, Microsoft Sharepoint, Joomla, Agent database, HTML5, CSS.

Karin Heigl, Germany
Technologies: Content Management System (CMS), Custom template.

Hypnose-Praxis Willer, Germany
Technologies: Joomla, CSS.

Therapie Willer, Germany
Technologies: Joomla, CSS.

Netvice, Netherlands
Technologies: Joomla, CSS.

Bliss-Hotel, Seychelles
Technologies: Joomla, HTML5, CSS.

Bentons Office Supplies, UK
Technologies: eCommerce

DBStones, Belgium
Technologies: Joomla, Newsletter system, HTML5, CSS.

InnIran, Iran
Technologies: Joomla, HTML5, CSS.

Modus Operandi Films Ltd
Technologies: Landing Page

Camera Man, London
Technologies: Typo3

Fasola AG, Switzerland
Technologies: Joomla, CSS